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Stone Rings

Stone Rings

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Benefits of Aquamarine stone: 

- Improves the intellectual mind.

- Brings out compassion is oneself. 

- Shields one from negative energies. 

Benefits of African Turquoise stone: 

- Foster positive changes from within.

- Soothes emotions.

- Create a deep sense of confidence. 

Benefits of Amethyst stone:

- Relieves stress.

- Sparks new ideas.

- Bring peace and relaxation. 

Benefits of Citrine:

- Raises self-esteem and confidence. 

- Attracts wealth, prosperity and success. 


Benefits of Carnelian stone:

- Symbolises health and luck. 

- Gives courage and positivity. 

Benefits of Howlite stone:

- Reduces levels of stress and anger.

- Relieves burdens.

- Calms the overactive mind.


Benefits of Lapis Lazuli stone:

- Protects one from negative and harmful energies. 

- Brings honesty and compassion to wearer.


Benefits of Peach Agate stone:

- Promotes feelings of composure and inner-stability. 

- Encourage security and self-confidence in oneself.


Benefits of Rainbow stone:

- Promotes peace, love and harmony. 

- Opens the 7 chakras. 

Benefits of Apatite stone:

- Expands knowledge.

- Inspire feelings of creativity and determination. 

Benefits of Tourmaline stone:

- Helps oneself to be calm and collected.

- Enhances self-esteem. 

Benefits of Turquoise stone: 

- Balances and aligns all chakras.

- Assists with creative problem solving.

- Dispel negative energy. 












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